3 men participating in safety training exercise


SVCW is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. We believe that all workplace incidents are preventable, and we have a robust safety program in place for everyone on site.

We implement and enforce policies directed toward the elimination of hazards and unsafe acts. We provide appropriate safety training. We expect each employee to follow established health and safety policies, regulations, and procedures, and we measure their performance. Furthermore, we expect all employees to accept responsibility for their safety and to be an advocate for the safety of others by correcting unsafe behavior and reporting hazardous conditions or actions in the workplace.

Our health and safety processes and performance are continuously reviewed and improved throughout our agency, and we are proud of our record of success.

Some of our Safety Programs include:

Employee-led Safety Committee

Each SVCW Division nominates one person to serve a one year term on the Safety Committee. Also sitting on the committee is SVCW’s Health and Safety Director, the Chief Operating Officer, and the Manager. The commitment to safety is prevalent from within all levels of the organization. The Safety Committee meets once a month and also performs a “Plant safety walk” once a month. Meeting minutes and site walk photos are taken and made available to the entire workgroup so everyone is apprised of activities related to safety.

Safety Reward Program

Each month, employees receive a reward for keeping a safe and healthy work environment. The reward is based on having no OSHA recordable incidents and individual optional training activities. The program rewards safe behavior agency-wide and individually. Safe behavior includes not only no safety incidents but also reporting near-misses, unsafe conditions, job safety analyses, among other things. SVCW is nearing two years without a lost-time accident; a feat which we are highly proud of!

Michael Li Safety Person-of-the-Year

Mr. Michael Li was a much-respected employee at SVCW who left a significant safety legacy.  His legacy lives on via our annual Safety-Person-of-the-Year award. This award goes to a person who exhibits outstanding participation in the safety programs at SVCW, excels in practicing safe behavior, and strives to garner more involvement by other employees.

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