Permit Information

Regulations of Silicon Valley Clean Water

Uniform standards, conditions, and requirements for the use of the sanitary sewerage facilities. See Article II Prohibitions - Section 2.3 for the local discharge limits

A permit is required for the discharge of any process water from the following facilities or activities:

Industrial Manufacturing

Mandatory wastewater discharge permits are required for facilities covered by the federal categorical regulations, 40 CFR, or meeting the definition of significant industrial user in the SVCW regulations (SVCW regulations section 1.3.30).

Groundwater Discharge

Groundwater discharge to the sanitary sewer is prohibited except by permit (SVCW regulations section 2.2).

Non-Routine Discharge Authorization

One-time or short-term wastewater discharge is allowed by non-routine discharge authorization.

Low Volume Discharge Authorization

Continued low volume discharge to the sanitary sewer is allowed by low volume discharge authorization.

Residential Septic Waste and Restaurant Grease

SVCW allows septic and restaurant grease haulers to discharge their trucks at the main plant site under permit.

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