Solids Management

Treating wastewater results in three main byproducts: water, biosolids, and biogas. SVCW manages its biosolids in an innovative and sustainable manner, and is at the forefront of the industry in its management. SVCW tested and installed new technologies for its solids thickening and dewatering processes, partnering with private companies who work towards optimizing these processes.

After biosolids are dewatered, SVCW dries them in two ways: by solar drying in our dedicated solar drying beds and/or through our biodryers/pyrolysis technology. Solar drying is used during the summer months and dries the biosolids to 75% dryness. Biodryers/pyrolysis is used year round and can reduce biosolids up to 90% by weight with a marketable “biochar” as its end product.

Learn more about our partnership with Bioforcetech and the work we’re doing together to recover biosolids here.

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