Silicon Valley Clean Water Selects Name for the Tunneling Machine to Further Their $495 million Infrastructure Program

Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) announced today the selection of a name for their large tunneling machine that will support the agency’s $495 million infrastructure program. The program includes rehabilitating 3.3 miles of the agency’s raw wastewater conveyance piping system, involving installation of a new gravity pipeline. Other projects in the program include three new or rehabilitated pump stations, and a new preliminary treatment facility at the wastewater treatment plant. The tunneling machine, called “Salus”, after the Roman goddess of safety and well-being, will bore 2.4 miles under the Redwood Shores Parkway right-of-way in Redwood City, to make way for a new wastewater conveyance pipeline.

Rick Einsiedl, a 20-year resident of the Redwood Shores neighborhood in Redwood City, proposed the winning name following a naming contest launched by SVCW, which provides wastewater service to more than 220,000 residents and businesses serving Belmont, San Carlos, Redwood City and the West Bay Sanitary District. A three-member judge panel selected the name for the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) from 34 entries.

Link to News Release

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